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Kent Hehr

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How we’re improving Income Tax filing.

In January our government announced two important changes at Canada Revenue Agency to improve the tax-filing experience for Canadians: direct mail to paper filers and the option to file your taxes by phone.

This is part and parcel of making government more service-oriented, helping those with mobility challenges, and supporting those who live in rural communities.

Starting in 2018, the Canada Revenue Agency will be automatically mailing paper tax forms and guides to anyone who filed their taxes by paper the previous year. For this tax year, 1.9 million Canadians will benefit from this improvement, a large portion being seniors in our community and those without consistent access to the Internet.

We are launching a “File my Return” automated phone service, which will help over 950,000 eligible individuals with low or fixed income. Eligible individuals will be able to file their taxes simply by answering a series of questions over the phone. There are no paper forms to fill out or calculations to make. File My Return is free, secure and easy to use.

We want to make it easier for Canadians to receive the credits and benefits to which they are entitled, no matter where they live. Filing taxes is the gateway to benefits and credits, including the Canada Child Benefit. These initiatives will improve access to benefits for those who need it most.

We know that Canadians lead busy lives and doing taxes can sometimes be a challenge. The CRA, the Government of Canada, and my office are working hard to make it easier and simpler to find, complete and file a return. The new services we are now providing are more user-friendly and convenient, especially for Canadians with low or fixed income, and are part of a larger process of improving services to Canadians.

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