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Kent Hehr

Your member of parliament for

Calgary Centre


Canada Child Benefit


On July 20, 2018, the Canada Child Benefit will be raised to keep up with the cost of living

This will give Canadian parents even more money each month to help them provide for their children. This change comes two years ahead of schedule. Canadian families can now receive up to $6496 per child every year.

Our government’s top priority is to make smart and responsible investments to strengthen the middle class, grow the economy and prepare Canadians for the economy of tomorrow. Our government is providing families with more money to help with the high costs of raising their children.

The new and improved Canada Child Benefit (CCB), is simpler, tax-free, better targeted, and more generous. In fact, 9 out of 10 Canadian families are better off under the CCB.

These funds help children achieve their full potential, and are helping to lift over 300,000 children out of poverty.

Calculate your monthly benefit here

In Calgary:

Helping Canadian families

Our government believes in affordable, high-quality child care for Canadian families. To allow parents, particularly woman, to be able to go back to work and further reduce the financial burdens families with young children can experience, #Budget2017 made a historic, long term, $7 Billion investment to re-engage the federal government in early learning and Childcare.

Through each of our budgets our government has put in place a plan to grow the economy in a way that works for the middle class and those working hard to join it. We have:

Furthermore, we’ve made historic new investments in affordable housing to make sure all families have access to a safe and affordable place to live. We’re supporting up to 40,000 affordable childcare spaces over the next 3 years. We’re improving Canada’s EI system to make maternity and parental benefits more flexible, and we’re making caregiver benefits more inclusive for Canadians who provide care for a family member.

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