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Kent Hehr

Your member of parliament for

Calgary Centre



This government is actively and passionately working for good, middle-class Canadian jobs and a prosperous energy sector. Canadians have told us that we need to address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while promoting economic prosperity, and we are taking steps to do just that. We are delivering on change that had eluded the previous government for ten years.

In the Prime Minister’s marching orders to our Natural Resources minister, it is clearly stated that:

Throughout Canada’s history, our prosperity has been built on our natural resources. It is a core responsibility of the federal government to help get our natural resources to market.Rt. Hon. Justin TrudeauPrime Minister


And we are moving forward on this. Our government is reforming the National Energy Board, modernizing our procedures, and preparing our energy sector for the demands of the 21st century. Our government is committed to developing our resources and getting them to market in an environmentally responsible way. This requires a regulatory process that Canadians have confidence in.

The demands of the 21st century is transformation: to a cleaner economy, and one that actively combats climate change. Modernizing the NEB is part of our government’s review of its environmental and regulatory processes in order to build a new system that is fair and robust, respects the rights of Indigenous Peoples, is based on scientific evidence, and protects our environment for generations to come.

Generation Energy

One aspect of this work is our program of consultations and liaising with the young energy workers across this country. With Generation Energy we are channeling the skills and expertise of the next generation into creating this new industry. Generation Energy is a national dialogue on Canada’s path to a low carbon future. The purpose of this dialogue is to invite all Canadians to share their ideas and participate in helping define Canada’s energy future. You can learn more at

The conversation will conclude with a national symposium in Winnipeg, which will allow international and Canadian experts, as well as stakeholders from a range of backgrounds, to review the ideas and opinions shared by Canadians. This information will be used to design an approach focused on how the federal government can work with the provinces and territories to create the affordable energy and innovative jobs Canadians want.

Health, Competitiveness, and Collaboration

We are committed to providing clean air and healthier communities for Canadians by limiting air pollution from industry. In early 2017, the Minister of Environment committed to moving towards cleaner economic growth while reducing pollution and providing a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren.

As part of our government’s commitment to a clean growth economy, we’ll be accelerating the transition from traditional coal power to clean energy by 2030. Building a smart, integrated clean-electricity system will deliver reliable and affordable power where it is needed. Many provinces already produce a significant amount of their power from non-emitting sources, and export clean electricity to neighbouring jurisdictions. But we can do more. We are striving to have 90 percent of Canada’s electricity coming from non-emitting sources by 2030.


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