Kent Hehr

Your member of parliament for

Calgary Centre

Kent Hehr

Your member of parliament for

Calgary Centre


Writing Your Member of Parliament

Writing your Member of Parliament is a democratic tradition in Canada. It is also a way to make your voice heard to your political representatives.

Not only is it one of the most effective ways to communicate with your Member of Parliament, letter writing campaigns have been a mainstay of creating change in our society for centuries.

To write to Hon. Kent Hehr, MP, please use the below address:

Hon. Kent Hehr, MP

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6

When writing a letter please remember to have your return address clearly labelled on your correspondence, with your name, address, and postal code. Adding your phone number also allows us a way to contact you to personally connect on your letter.

The best letters are ones that are original. An original letter can be more effective than a form letter, so try to use your own words, and to personalize and highlight your own relevant experiences!

While drafting your letter also remember to put a clear question or a request for a response. That way, your Member of Parliament knows what they need to respond to and how best to answer your question.

Writing your Member of Parliament is free – so all you need to do is address your envelope and mail it at your local mailbox or post office. There is no need to attach a stamp to your envelope.

Writing to your Member of Parliament is a great classroom activity as it involves youth in the democratic process. It highlights that politics, and political representation, is intimately tied to the everyday lives of Canadians, and provides our youngest citizens with one of many tools to move forward with their own advocacy.

Your Member of Parliament also enjoys hearing about great people in the constituency. If you hear about a great Canadian, or the work being done by an amazing organization, let us know by writing to us about them! It’s always great hearing about excellence in our communities and the civic-mindedness of Canadians.